Configer provides Webpack configuration for Vapper. We introduced Vapper only responsible for the necessary webpack configuration, which makes Vapper a configuration-independent framework.


This is Vapper's default Configer, which reads @vue/cli-service installed under the current project and uses it to resolve the corresponding Webpack configuration. So Vapper can be used with Vue CLI, the benefits of doing this are two-way: Vapper has all the Vue CLI capabilities, and Vapper provides server-side rendering for Vue CLI.

Since this is vapper default Configer, usually you don't need to install it manually.

yarn add @vapper/configer-vue-cli -D


Poi is also an excellent Webpack management tool. If your project uses Poi, it will be easy to integrate with Vapper. You can view: Usage - integrated into Poi project for details.

yarn add @vapper/configer-poi -D

Writing Configer

As the official documentation describes: Introducing a Build Step. We need two Webpack configurations, one to build the server bundle and the other to build the client bundle. So a Configer is essentially a class that contains the getServerConfig method and the getClientConfig method:

class MyOwnConfiger {
  getServerConfig () {
    return {...}  // Return server configuration

  getClientConfig () {
    return {...}  // Return client configuration

This class will be instantiated internally by Vapper and call the two methods above. As long as these two methods return the correct Webpack configuration object, Vapper can use it correctly to build the project. This means that you can implement your own Configer, which does not depend on any Webpack management tools (eg Vue CLI or Poi).

Vapper will check the project's package.json file and automatically load the first Configer it finds. So in order for Vapper to recognize whether a package is a Configer, we need to stipulate the name of the package. The following is some legal naming convention:

  • @vapper/configer-xxxx: Official Configer
  • vapper-configer-xxxx: Community Configer
  • @scope/vapper-configer-xxxx: Community Configer